Chests of drawers

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Bedroom dressers with stylish and practical storage space

The modern dresser, or chest of drawers, is a multi-purpose piece of furniture that helps keep your home and everyday life organised. It brings stylish storage to your home by neatly hiding your belongings, and you can store almost anything in it from socks to clothes and even chargers. To decorate your chest of drawers, you can place a lovely table lamp, a lively houseplant, a mirror, a picture frame or even a piece of art on it.

A small dresser can complement almost any space in your home, from the hallway to the bedroom and everywhere in between. A small dresser can serve as a side table or nightstand, while a wider and suitably high chest of drawers can double up as a TV stand in the living room.

Difference between a dresser and a chest of drawers

Dressers tend to be a feature piece of furniture for the bedroom and, as the name suggests, a place to store your clothes and get ready in the morning. Dressers with a mirror tend to be shorter and wider, allowing you to easily find what you want to wear and check your appearance before leaving home. Alternatively, a chest of drawers is a more versatile storage solution for any room and tends to be slimmer and taller.

Chest of drawers and bedroom dresser selection

When looking for a chest of drawers or tall dressers for your home, consider its primary use. Think about what you want to store in the chest of drawers and how much storage space you need.

What often distinguishes both pieces of furniture is the size and number of drawers. There are 3-drawer and 6-drawer dressers, tall dressers and more, so you will always find a piece of furniture that fits your needs and style.

Also, consider where you place the chest of drawers and what is the right design for your interior. Choose a wooden dresser that fits your style and compliments your home, perhaps a white dresser in a modern style fits a contemporary look and feels better than a black dresser, for example.

If you want the dresser to blend seamlessly into your interior and not get too much attention, choose a piece that matches the colour scheme and decor of your entire home.

Also, think about what kind of look you want from a bedroom dresser. The pedestal chest of drawers is understatedly elegant and offers a lighter and more airy look, while a baseless chest of drawers appears more sturdy and robust.

A wide range of chests of drawers and dressers

Our range offers chests of drawers and dressers suitable for many needs – models are available from narrow to wide and from low to high. Here you will find chests of drawers from Kartell, Habitat, Montana, Muurame, Gazzda and many other reputable brands.

Chests of drawers can be found in our selection for both minimalist and modern dressers, as well as classic and retro-style tastes. Different shades and colour options are always available, from wood dressers to white dressers, as well as bolder colours.