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Gubi TS Side Table, Brown Emperador Marble/Black, ⌀ 40 cm

594,00 € 699,00 €

The TS side table by Gubi brings a dash of functional art deco beauty to your home. The coffee table was originally designed, together with the TS Console shelf, for the renowned The Standard restaura...


1529,00 € 1799,00 €


1699,00 € 1999,00 €

Gubi Gräshoppa Floor Lamp, Warm Grey

679,00 € 799,00 €

The slender-legged Gräshoppa by Gubi is one of the most famous lamps in the world. The grasshopper-like floor lamp leans back on its tripod, as if sizing up its surroundings. This iconic luminaire, de...