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Artek Rope Chair, Grey, Felt Glides

574,00 € 675,00 €

The point of the Rope chair by Artek is, well, a rope that runs unbroken from one armrest to the other through the backrest. The ergonomics of the Rope are not dictated by the chair, but rather the oc...

Artek Chair 611, Birch/Natural-Red Webbing

582,00 € 685,00 €

Artek's dining chair 611 is one of Alvar Aalto’s first furniture designs. The chair was launched in 1929 and has been continuously in production ever since. In 2019, Artek introduced a new colour pale...

Artek Armchair 406, Natural/Red Webbing, H 87 cm

1335,00 € 1570,00 €

Armchair 406 by Artek charms with its light elegance. Alvar Aalto designed the chair in 1939, and its timeless design is still a match for most contemporary homes. This popular classic is so comfortab...