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Artek Rope Chair, Grey, Felt Glides

675,00 €

The point of the Rope chair by Artek is, well, a rope that runs unbroken from one armrest to the other through the backrest. The ergonomics of the Rope are not dictated by the chair, but rather the oc...

Artek Ovalette Coffee Table, Walnut

2990,00 €

The beautifully finished Ovalette Coffee Table exudes an air of the 50s, bringing out the best characteristics of wood. The generously sized table is a great companion for living room seating, to emph...

Artek Trienna Coffee Table, Lacquered Walnut

1075,00 €

The Trienna table designed by Ilmari Tapiovaara in 1958 has an impressive simplicity to it. The top and legs of the table are made of three seamlessly flowing angular sheets of form-pressed birch vene...