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Artek Felt Glides, 17 x 30 mm, set of 4

10,00 €

IKI felt glides protect the floor from scratches. The screw-in felt glides are compatible with all L-leg stools and chairs designed by Aalto. The package contains four felt glides and their screws.

Artek Floor Light A805, Nickel

2210,00 €

The statuesque silhouette of this floor light faithful to Aalto's style has fascinated people for decades. The strips of the metal shade filter the light beautifully both up and down. The white-painte...

Artek Floor Light A810, White/Steel

2695,00 €

This classic floor lamp, so characteristic of Aalto’s style, has enchanted design enthusiasts with its statuesque lines and practicality for decades. Its light is filtered beautifully both up and down...