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Gubi TS Side Table, Brown Emperador Marble/Black, ⌀ 40 cm

699,00 €

The TS side table by Gubi brings a dash of functional art deco beauty to your home. The coffee table was originally designed, together with the TS Console shelf, for the renowned The Standard restaura...


999,00 €

Gubi Beetle Chair, Sweet Pink/Brass

349,00 €

The Beetle chair by Gubi, launched in 2012, is well on its way to achieving classic status. The innovative chair is named after its resemblance to a beetle. This chair created by design studio GamFrat...

Gubi Gräshoppa Floor Lamp, Warm Grey

799,00 €

The slender-legged Gräshoppa by Gubi is one of the most famous lamps in the world. The grasshopper-like floor lamp leans back on its tripod, as if sizing up its surroundings. This iconic luminaire, de...

Gubi Tynell 5321 Table Lamp, Brass

599,00 €

The Tynell 5321 table lamp by Gubi is an imaginative table lamp designed by prominent Finnish lighting designer Paavo Tynell. Table lamp 5321 is also known as the “Seashell”, as the lamp shade protect...