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What is a platform bed used for?

Modern platform beds serve the same purpose as any other quality bed, providing a comfortable place to relax, rejuvenate and get a good night's sleep. A platform bed frame is a great option for smaller apartment living because they usually take up less space and don’t necessarily come with a typical bed frame, slats and headboard.


Can you put a regular mattress on a platform bed?

A platform bed frame, as the name suggests, simply provides a platform and support for any mattress that sits on top. This is in contrast to a panel bed which typically consists of a frame and supporting slats. Without this added support a panel bed won’t provide even support throughout the night, and over time, the mattress can sag without an underlying box spring which evenly distributes the weight.


Are platform beds popular?

Platform beds are incredibly popular because their simple construction means you don’t need any extra accessories like a box spring. Like all beds, they come in a variety of sizes and price ranges but often can be seen as a cheaper alternative to panel beds for this reason.

Modern platform beds have a more contemporary aesthetic as they don’t sit on a decorative frame or rely on headboards as standard. Another popular feature of a full-size platform bed frame is it sits a little lower to the ground and can even be designed to appear like it is floating without a frame.


Can you buy a platform bed with storage?

Another fantastic space-saving feature is a wide variety of platform beds with storage built in. Unlike panel beds, which raise the mattress off the ground, platform beds don’t waste the opportunity to incorporate drawers into the base.

A platform bed with storage provides a discrete way to keep your life organised and keep clothes that might be out of season from taking up precious closet space. Often platform beds will have storage underneath the entire mattress which is an impressive volume waiting to be filled.


What sizes & styles are available at Vepsäläinen?

At Vepsäläinen, we have a wide variety of styles and sizes to consider. You can choose a modern or upholstered platform bed to match any home aesthetic. This versatile base also gives you the opportunity to use any mattress, including storage, and choose your ideal size from a smaller twin bed to a queen or a full-sized king platform bed.