Terms of Use

Welcome to Vepsäläinen Oy’s (“Vepsäläinen”) online service (“Online Service”). In these general terms of use of the Online Service, we explain, for example:

  • How you have the right to use the Online Service and the materials contained therein
  • How you can relay content in the Online Service and what you should take into account when doing so
  • How Vepsäläinen processes personal data
  • How the Online Service uses cookies and how you can prevent the operation of cookies and delete them, if you wish

The terms form an agreement between the user and Vepsäläinen and specify the rights and obligations of the user and Vepsäläinen regarding the Online Service.

We advise you to carefully review the Terms before using the Online Service. The use of the Online Service is interpreted as an indication that the User accepts and agrees to comply with the terms in force at any time.


Use of the Online Service

1.1 General

These Terms apply to all user actions in the Online Service, regardless of the terminal device with which the Online Service is used. The user may use the Online Service only in accordance with the Terms in force at any time and in accordance with applicable legislation and good practice.

The Online Service contains sections or functionalities (such as online shop) that are, in addition to these Terms, subject to special terms or instructions issued separately in the Online Service, and their use may require registration. Some content in the Online Service may only be available to residents of some geographic areas.

1.2 Rights and limitations on the use of the Online Service

Vepsäläinen grants the user a limited, revocable, non-exclusive and personal right to use the Online Service and its content. The user may use the Online Service only in accordance with these Terms and other terms and conditions and instructions given separately in the Online Service. The user has the right to use the Online Service and its content solely for personal, non-commercial purposes.

The user agrees that some features and services of the Online Service may contain specific terms or requirements for their use or require registration.

The user does not have the right to modify or reproduce the Online Service or its content or any part thereof. In addition, without Vepsäläinen’s prior written permission, the user does not have the right to share, distribute, transmit, present publicly or otherwise make the Online Service or its contents, as such or modified, available to the public. If the Online Service offers an explicit option to transmit the content of the Online Service to social media services (so-called social media buttons), such transmission is, in principle, permissible within the framework of these Terms.

The user may not interrupt, attempt to interrupt or otherwise interfere with or attempt to interfere with the operation of the Online Service or the ability of other users to use the Online Service. For example, it is prohibited to place scheduled interference programs, viruses or other materials in the Online Service that contain parts that can influence the programmatic structure of the Online Service.

The user has the right to take a printout or a copy of the content of the Online Service or to store a copy on their own terminal device for their own private use. In all such printouts and recordings, the user must retain the copyright and other rights notices contained in the Online Service.

The user may not use the Online Service for:

  • Falsifying or processing header or credential data in a manner that seeks to mask the origin of content transmitted via the Online Service or to accomplish any other form of misrepresentation.
  • Storing or collecting other users’ personal data.
  • Transmitting spam or other unauthorised communications or for other activities contrary to law or good practice.
  • The user may not appear in the Online Service as a representative of Vepsäläinen.


2 Operation of the online service

2.1 Availability

The Online Service and its content are provided “as is”. Vepsäläinen strives for the Online Service to be available to the user continuously and without disruption. However, Vepsäläinen cannot guarantee that the Online Service be available to the user uninterrupted, timely or correctly.

The Online Service may not be available in all countries and may only be available in specific languages. The Online Service, its operation or some of its features may depend on the compatibility of the devices used, network connections and content formats.

2.2 Information security

Vepsäläinen cannot guarantee the information security of the Online Service, its content or information transmitted through the Online Service, and is not responsible for ensuring that electronic bulletins sent through the Online Service do not contain viruses or other harmful parts.

2.3 Amendments

At all times, Vepsäläinen is entitled to modify or alter the Online Service or its contents without prior notice or liability for compensation. Thus, Vepsäläinen has the right, for example, to change or modify the products or prices described in the Online Service, to add and remove parts of the Online Service and to make free sections of the Online Service chargeable and vice versa. Vepsäläinen also has the right to suspend or discontinue the provision of the Online Service, its content or any part of it at any time, or to restrict the use of the Online Service or its parts. If the user has acted in violation of these Terms, the terms or instructions specifically provided in the Online Service, or the legislation or good practice, Vepsäläinen has the right to prevent the user’s access to the Online Service and to prohibit the use of the Online Service in the future.

2.4 Liability

Vepsäläinen is not responsible for the accuracy, reliability, errors, deficiencies, inaccuracies or other defects of the information or content transmitted in the Online Service. Neither is Vepsäläinen responsible for the data or content sent or received, or not sent or not received, by the User through the Online Service.

Vepsäläinen is not liable for any direct, indirect, immediate or consequential damage or special damage arising out of liability for damages, including damage resulting from the loss of business, contract, income or data or interruption of business, resulting from the use or inability to use the Online Service or its content or from these Terms, whether or not the damage is based on a contract, an infringement of the law, negligence or otherwise, even if Vepsäläinen has been informed in advance of the possibility of such damage. In all cases, Vepsäläinen’s liability is always limited at most to the liability set forth in mandatory legislation.

The user relieves Vepsäläinen and all its employees, managers and actors working on behalf of it of liability for all legal action and claims arising from the user’s use of the Online Service.


3 Processing of personal data

Vepsäläinen processes personal data in the manner permitted and required by the personal data legislation in force at any time. Further information on the processing of personal data can be found in the description of data file of the register based on a customer relationship with Vepsäläinen and on other contexts.


4 Cookies

A cookie is a small text file that can be delivered to the user’s endpoint device via the Online Service. Cookies or other similar technologies can be used via the Online Service to collect information related to the user’s terminal device or the use of the Online Service, such as the page from which the user has entered the Online Service, which browser the user is using or when and which parts of the Online Service the user has browsed.

Cookies enable, for example, the processing of the user volumes of the Online Service and other data related to the use of the Online Service. With this information, Vepsäläinen can develop the Online Service to improve the user experience. In addition, the information allows for targeting marketing likely to interest the user in the Online Service and outside of the Online Service, for example by means of retargeting.

The user can manage the cookie options via this link. However, the user should note that blocking the use of cookies or deleting them may adversely affect or even prevent the use of the Online Service or certain parts or functions of the Online Service.


5 Links

The Online Service may contain links to websites owned and operated by third parties. Vepsäläinen is not responsible for the content, accuracy, reliability or information security of the linked sites. Vepsäläinen does not monitor or check the content of the linked sites, and the linked sites are not controlled in any way by Vepsäläinen.

Using links to external sites will move the user away from the Online Service, and the user will use the linked sites at their own risk. The user is advised to carefully read the terms of any linked site before starting using that site.

If the Online Service allows an external link to be included in the Online Service, the link must refer directly to the main page of the external site. The link must not contain Vepsäläinen’s trademarks or other symbols in any form, and the appearance, placement and other characteristics of the link must not adversely affect Vepsäläinen’s reputation or the goodwill value of its trademarks, or create the false impression that the linking party or its Online Services or products are in any connection with or sponsored by Vepsäläinen.

The links contained in the Online Service to external sites and external links to the Online Service are not an indication of a relationship between Vepsäläinen and the linking or linked third party.


6 Intellectual property rights

Vepsäläinen or its partners own all rights to the Online Service and its content (e.g., texts, images, product information, trademarks and symbols). The property is protected by copyright laws and international copyright treaties, as well as other intellectual property rights.

All intellectual property rights related to the Online Service and its content (such as copyrights, registered and unregistered trademark and design rights, domain names, patents, database rights and trade secrets) and the goodwill resulting from their use belong to Vepsäläinen or its partners. Vepsäläinen does not grant the user any direct or indirect rights to any intellectual property rights.


7 Amendment of the terms

Vepsäläinen reserves the right to amend these Terms at its sole discretion by providing notice of the changes through the Online Service. Changes to the Terms will take effect once they have been announced. The Customer’s use of the Online Service after the terms have been amended will be considered confirmation that the Customer accepts the changes made to the Terms.


8 Applicable law and dispute settlement

These Terms are governed by Finnish law, with the exception of its choice-of-law provisions.

In the event that disagreements arise between the parties regarding this agreement or its application, the parties must seek to resolve the disputes primarily through consultations. If the parties do not reach an amicable outcome in the negotiations, the dispute will be resolved in the District Court of Espoo in Finland. However, a consumer customer may bring the dispute to the general district court of their domicile or to the Consumer Disputes Board.