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Choose a sofa set according to your style and space

Investing in a sofa that will last a lifetime means you need to choose the right upholstery. Sofa covers can be removed and washed but finding the right design in terms of an L-shaped sofa or curved sofa is a choice you can’t take back.

It’s popular to choose a sofa with tall legs as it makes cleaning much easier and it also brings an airiness to the design language, particularly with a small sofa. In addition to the legs, you should also pay attention to the width of the armrests and the seating depth of the sofa you consider.

Sofas can determine the style of the living room

A sofa is often the largest piece of furniture in the home and can determine the style of the other furnishings in the living space. When choosing a sofa set, you should consider simple and timeless designs that are durable and practical. For example, a classic leather sofa, a white sofa or even a green sofa are trendy choices year after year.

When thinking about buying a new sofa, it is worth considering what kind of space the sofa will be in and how many people will enjoy it. A wider, curved sofa is perfect for lounging and cuddling up with the whole family, while an L-shaped sofa can be more stylish. There are also more convenient options like a smaller sofa for an office and even statement pieces such as a pink sofa or any other colour that matches your decor.

Choice of colour and upholstery

When choosing the colour of the fabric, it is advisable to choose classic tones that harmonize with the colour scheme of the room. A beige, black or white sofa is perfect for most interior styles and spaces but a more adventurous interior designer might choose a pink sofa as a statement. For example, a yellow or green sofa brings vitality to a room without being too overwhelming. Most sofa models have a removable fabric upholstery that extends the life of the sofa set.

High-quality sofa sets from Vepsäläinen

Our product range includes numerous high-quality sofas from well-known brands. Adea offers timeless high-quality sofas made in Finland. From Danish Karup Design you will find trendy, popular and more affordable sofa sets and futons with a touch of Japanese style.