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Rugs' and carpets' role in interior design

Rugs and carpets can often be overlooked in interior design. Despite this, rugs play an important role in home decor. A nice rug not only feels good under the feet but also ties the interior design of the room together. If the furniture is the backbone of a room's decor, rugs and carpets are the glue that ties the whole decor together.

Comfortable area rugs

Area rugs can be used in spaces where you want a little more warmth and comfort under your feet over a larger area. These rugs are great in the living room and bedroom, for example, where you may not want to feel a cold floor under your feet.

Decorative rugs

Rugs can be used as impressive decor elements too. You can choose a rug with a bold colour, pattern or material and make a statement with it. Whether classic or modern, colourful or muted, choose a rug that complements the interior design style of your home.

Easy-care rugs

For spaces prone to staining, like the kitchen and entryway, consider an easy-care rug. 100% cotton rugs or synthetic fibre rugs are generally easy to care for and fairly durable.

A wide selection of design rugs and carpets

Whether you’re looking for a stylish rug, comfortable area carpet or something in between, we've got you covered. Our wide and inspiring selection of design rugs and carpets offers something for every style and budget.