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Decoration – the finishing touch to interior design

While decoration might not be the first thing you think about interior design, it still plays a major part in home decor and, therefore, should not be overlooked. It's the final touch to the interior design of any space. Not only does it fill in the blanks, but it also creates beautiful details and makes your home feel cosier while adding personality and depth to the space.

Home decor items can be anything from candle sticks to vases, sculptures or even personal items worth displaying. From Vepsäläinen's online selection, you will find a wide range of design home decor items for every style and budget.

Choosing the right home decor items

Home decor items can be one of the most personal interior design choices you make for your home. Furnishings are also generally smaller and more affordable than furniture, so it's easier to let your ideas fly and play around with different possibilities.

Let your home decoration reflect your personality and style. In addition to general home decor items, consider using beautiful souvenirs, heirlooms and items you hold dear as decoration. Just make sure that the decoration fits the style and colour scheme of your home, whether that's classic or modern, light or dark.

If you are unsure about the type of decoration you should go with, it's always a safe bet to choose timeless and minimalistic home decor items. Timelessly designed books, wall clocks, mirrors and wall art, for example, are classics that add beauty to any home.