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Bed – the most important purchase for the home

It’s almost a cliche now to say that you’ll spend more time in bed than doing anything else in your life. The average person spends 26 years of their life in bed, and this isn’t wasted time. Being comfortable in bed means you’ll be able to sleep deeper and longer.

Sleep is incredibly important to both your mental and physical health as it allows your body to repair your heart and blood vessels, recharge your batteries and process the day’s events.

In short, better sleep makes for a more productive day and longer life, so choose your bed carefully!

How to choose the right bed

When choosing a bed there are several things to consider as it’s not just one piece of furniture. The bed is actually a bed frame, which you need to choose first, and this will dictate the layout and size of the mattress you can fit on top, that you will actually lay on.

When choosing the bed frame, first think about who is it for and how will it be used. Children typically only require a single bed, but you can also choose bunk beds to optimise the space better. Futons, sofa beds or pullout beds also provide another place for guests to stay without having to compromise on giving up more space.

When investing in your master bed, you need to think about what size and style you’d like. You might immediately want to get the biggest bed, and if you have children there might be a few more visitors at the night to consider, but the bed needs to fit the aspect of your master bedroom so make sure you measure the space first so you can easily walk around the whole room.

Choosing bed frames and mattresses

Once you’ve chosen the right size and style of the bed frame, you want to really consider the mattress that is right for you. Mattresses can be made out of many materials including memory foam or springs and stuffing, and as a result, costs can vary greatly. The thing you need to consider most when buying a mattress is how hard or soft you like it – and take your time because you’ll be living with this decision for years to come!

The softness and comfort of a mattress is a very personal choice, but you can decide in a few ways. Typically the larger you are, the harder mattress you’ll want because a firmer mattress will better support your weight. Additionally, you need to think about how you sleep at night. If you sleep on your side, you might want a slightly softer mattress so that you don’t get a sore shoulder.

Ultimately what you want from any mattress and pillow is to have a straight back and alignment of your spine no matter which way you sleep. This is how you’ll get the best night's sleep and be at your best the next day.

Accessories for your bed

Beyond the bed frame and mattress, you can also choose headboards and of course, you’ll need to buy the bedding, linen and duvet to make for a comfortable night's sleep.

At Vepsäläinen, we have a wide variety of beds, bedding and accessories to make sure you have the best night's sleep you can.