Romane Chair, Natural/Rattan
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Romane Chair
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Chairs for every room

Chairs are without a doubt the most versatile, functional and critical piece of furniture we have in our homes, and how do we repay them? With our backsides!

The often overlooked chair can take many forms and fit into any interior decorating theme. There are incredibly stylish designer chairs, antique or modern chairs and comfy chairs, but there’s likely to be one in every room, making them one of the hardest things to buy because there’s so much choice. Read on to find out how to choose the one that suits your needs and pleases the eye.

How to choose a designer chair

Let’s face it first and foremost you want a comfy chair no matter how good it looks, so always consider function over form on anything you plan on sitting on for long periods of time. Next, you need to think about chairs differently depending on the room the chair is in.

Is it a bedroom chair? If so, you probably want something that looks nice and compliments the other furniture as you’re not likely to be sitting on it for long. Whereas an office chair or stool needs to be much more supportive as you’ll be using it for longer periods of time multiple times a day. Deep comfy chairs, bean bags and even some designer chairs are perfect for lounging and watching TV.

When you’re considering the styling of designer chairs you again need to think of the wider décor and colour scheme. Chairs shouldn’t stand out unless you’re making a statement, so always make sure to include a modern chair in a more minimalist environment, for example.

You’ll also want to consider what material your design chair is made from because a family with young kids will need a much more durable and easy-to-clean chair. For this purpose, you might prefer a more robust modern chair that typically doesn’t have as much soft fabric which can easily stain.