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How do I find the right toddler bed size?

Moving out of the cot and into a toddler bed can be an emotional moment for parents as they say goodbye to their baby and watch a toddler blossom in front of their eyes. A child easily climbing out of their crib or outgrowing it usually signals this transition

When this happens, it’s time to start thinking of buying a toddler bed frame and mattress. Choosing the right toddler bed size is an important consideration because you need a bed your child can grow into while feeling safe and comfortable. As a parent, it’s also worth knowing that you might have to lay in the bed too if your toddler isn't the easiest to put down to sleep.

So think carefully about who else might have to sleep next to your child before you decide on the toddler bed frame size. A typical toddler bed comes in the standard size of 70cm wide x 140cm long, and this toddler bed size should be a good fit up until the age of 4 when you would typically upgrade to a single bed as the next step for your child.

Portable toddler beds for any occasion

Portable toddler beds are incredibly useful for families who travel a lot, and you never know when you’ll have another child staying over who could use a comfortable place to sleep. That’s why portable toddler beds provide a versatile solution, so the youngest in the family always has a place to sleep.

Portable toddler beds can come in many forms, from a simple roll-up mattress and pillow you can bring with you anywhere, to a fold-out frame and mattress for easy storage. Whatever your needs are, a portable toddler bed is always a good investment, allowing your child to feel safe and secure wherever they might sleep.

Toddler bed rails

When making the big transition from a crib to a toddler bed frame, you want to ensure your child is safe and has a peaceful night's rest above all else. Toddlers can be very active at night as they dream and replay the day's events in their sleep. Toddler bed rails help keep children secure and prevent them from falling out of the bed as they toss and turn throughout the night.

Toddler bed rails are very important in keeping your child safe and in bed where they belong, particularly if the toddler bed frame is raised or they’re sleeping in a bunk bed. Consider a toddler bed frame with either built-in or detachable rails.