We speak the international language
of design. With a Finnish accent.

Vepsäläinen is born from true passion. For timeless interior design that lasts a lifetime … and beyond. For nearly 60 years we have passed on the passion of Kauko Vepsäläinen to generations of Finnish design lovers. The icons of Finnish history. Exciting collaborations with contemporary designers. Carefully selected international brands at the forefront of furniture, lighting, and decoration.

And now we are ready to share our passion with the world. Our mother tongue may be incomprehensible to most, but the language of design is universal. With our passion and knowledge, we will guide you to the perfect design companions for the way your life moves. Moving out. Moving in.
Moving away. Having children. Growing old. Passing the heritage on. Or as we say it:

Elämänkumppaneita tositarkoituksella.