Terms of Contract

1. General information about the terms of contract

These terms and conditions (hereinafter referred to as the “Terms”) of Vepsäläinen Oy’s online store (hereinafter referred to as the “Online Store”) apply to the trade in products purchased through the website www.vepsalainen.com between Vepsäläinen Oy (“Vepsäläinen”) and a consumer customer (“Customer”).

In addition to these Terms, the Online Store is subject to Vepsäläinen’s general terms of use of the online service.


2. Service provider and customer service

Vepsäläinen Oy
Juvankartanontie 11
02920 ESPOO

Registration number: 2111755-8
e-mail: [email protected]


3. Using the Online Store

The Customer must provide correct information about themselves when using the Online Store. The Customer is responsible for the accuracy of the information provided and is obliged to notify Vepsäläinen of changed information without delay.


4. Ordering products

A product is ordered by selecting a product in the Online Store offering. The products selected by the Customer are added to the Customer’s cart, where the desired order quantities are selected for the products (1 item always as a suggestion). Products can also be removed from the cart before confirming the order and paying. The technical systems of the Online Store automatically check the availability of the products selected in the shopping cart whenever the Customer visits the shopping cart page. It is possible that the availability of a product shown in the cart will change before the payment transaction.

An order binding on the Customer is created when the Customer sends their order in the Online Store (however, see “Right of withdrawal” for Consumer Customers). The Customer is advised to carefully check the contents of their order before confirming the order. The Customer understands and accepts that the order is subject to an obligation of payment.

Vepsäläinen will send the customer a contract confirmation to the e-mail address provided by the Customer. It is the Customer’s duty to verify that the content of the contract confirmation corresponds to the Customer’s order.

Vepsäläinen has the right to refuse an order. The order binds Vepsäläinen when Vepsäläinen has submitted a contract confirmation to the Customer (see “Confirmation of contract”). Vepsäläinen may refuse an order, for example, if a product or its replacement is no longer available.


5. Prices

The prices of the products are valid until further notice or for a separately indicated period. The products will be charged for on the basis of the price in force at the time of ordering, as reflected in the contract confirmation. If an incorrect price appears in the Online Store, the price is not binding on Vepsäläinen, if the Customer has known or should have known that the price is incorrect.

The prices are stated in Swedish krona (SEK) and include VAT. The prices of the products do not include shipping and handling costs. These are stated separately, both immediately at the time of ordering and in the order confirmation sent to the Customer.

Where the order total is at least SEK 1,185, shipping is free. For orders under SEK 1,185, the shipping cost is SEK 120.


6. Payment methods

In Vepsäläinen’s online store, you can pay easily and safely with Klarna Checkout, when and how you like. For further information on accepted payment methods, please see our Payment Methods page.


7. Product availability

Vepsäläinen strives for up-to-date and correct information on the products available in the Online Store, but it is not possible to guarantee the correctness of the data, nor the availability or sufficiency of the products offered for sale. Only a limited number of certain products are manufactured, and the product may otherwise be temporarily sold out.

If, after receiving an order, it becomes apparent that the ordered product has been temporarily or permanently sold out after the system has made it possible to place an order, Vepsäläinen will notify the Customer without delay using the contact details provided by the Customer.

If the ordered product is not available at all, Vepsäläinen commits to refund the Customer the full price already paid for the product ordered, and the transaction is deemed to have been cancelled for the product in question. In such a situation, Vepsäläinen’s customer service will contact the Customer, and the Customer has the opportunity to keep the transaction in effect and accept a longer delivery period or delivery of a replacement product.


8. Confirmation of contract

After Vepsäläinen has checked and accepted the order, Vepsäläinen will send a confirmation of the contract to the e-mail address provided by the Customer. The confirmation contains key information about the order.


9. Delivery of products

The customer can choose how the products are delivered, either by home delivery or to the nearest PostNord pick-up point. Vepsäläinen delivers the products to delivery addresses in mainland Sweden.


10. Delay in delivery

If the delivery of products is delayed from the estimated time, Vepsäläinen will endeavour to notify the Customer of the delay using the contact details provided by the Customer and to provide the Customer with a new estimate of the product’s time of delivery.

The Customer has the right to invoke their rights under the Consumer Protection Act due to delays in the delivery of products. However, Vepsäläinen is not responsible for the delay if the transport is delayed or the order cannot be delivered at all for a reason due to the Customer (e.g., the Customer has provided incorrect contact information, the Customer has not reported a change in their contact information or the Customer is not present at the agreed time of delivery of the products and is not reached).


11. Product inspection, complaints and liability for error

Once the Customer has received the delivery, the Customer must immediately check that the products are intact and flawless in all respects. The Customer must also verify that the delivery includes all products ordered by the Customer.

It is a good idea to inspect the delivery in the presence of the transport company’s representative. If the product was damaged in transport, the Customer must ask the representative of the transport company to file a damage report, that is, describe the damage on the consignment note and sign for it. In addition, the Customer must contact Vepsäläinen as mentioned below. 

If the Customer finds that the delivery or product is otherwise incorrect, the Customer must notify Vepsäläinen’s customer service by e-mail (at [email protected]) or paper letter (to Vepsäläinen Oy, Juvankartanontie 11, FI-02920 Espoo) after the error has been detected, without delay and at the latest within 30 days.

If the product is damaged during transport, photographs of both the packaging and the product must be taken. Photos and additional information must be sent as soon as possible to our customer service at [email protected]. Do not dispose of the damaged delivery package until your complaint has been processed. 

If the fault in the delivery or product is confirmed, Vepsäläinen’s primary right is to rectify the fault within a reasonable time or replace the product with a flawless one if possible. Vepsäläinen is liable for faults in its products either exclusively or jointly with the manufacturer or importer, as specified in consumer protection legislation.


12. Warranty

The products may involve a warranty, if provided by the product manufacturer. The warranty terms are specified by the manufacturer. The warranty is not granted by Vepsäläinen, and Vepsäläinen is not liable under said warranty for an error that Vepsäläinen would not otherwise be liable for under chapter 5 of the Consumer Protection Act.


13. Right of return

About the right of return

You have the right, without stating a reason, to return an unused product in its original packaging, purchased from the online store, within 30 days of receiving the product by expressly notifying Vepsäläinen. The Customer must file a cancellation notice no later than within the above 30 days after receiving the product. The notice of cancellation can be submitted on our Returns page.

When a customer receives a product, they must keep it substantially unmodified until they have decided to keep the product. If a returned product has been used in violation of the duty of care under the Consumer Act, Vepsäläinen has the right to reduce the refund value of the product up to the full price of the product.

Bed linen (pillows, blankets, mattresses and their covers, sheets and pillowcases) and towels are hygiene products and must be returned in unopened, original packaging.

However, the Customer has no right to cancel a so-called customised product, i.e., a product that is manufactured or modified according to the Customer’s individual needs and wishes. The returned product is not in its original condition or packaging or the packaging does not correspond to the original one. The product has been assembled and installed.

Return of products and money

The customer must return the product that they have cancelled, including all parts, equipment and accessories, in the original packaging without delay and no later than 30 days after sending the withdrawal notice. All gifts that accompanied the product to be cancelled must also be returned.

Vepsäläinen is responsible for the return costs of the cancelled products when the products are unused and packaged in their original packaging.

Vepsäläinen will reimburse the Customer for the value of the cancelled products and the shipping costs of the cancelled products using the payment method by which the Customer has paid for the product, unless the Customer expressly accepts the payment of the refund by another payment method.

Vepsäläinen will make the refund of the payments received without delay and at the latest within 30 days of receiving the Customer’s withdrawal notice. Vepsäläinen has the right to refrain from making the refund payments until Vepsäläinen has received the product back or until the Customer has proven that they have sent the product back. The Customer will not incur any costs for refunding the payments.

If the Customer cancels the order for a product, the Customer will be refunded the price paid by the Customer, even if the price of the product had later changed.


14. Force majeure

Vepsäläinen is not responsible for any faulty product, delay in delivery or other breach of contract due to a force majeure outside of Vepsäläinen’s control. Even in such a situation, However, Vepsäläinen strives to assist the Customer in the best way possible.


15. Processing of personal data and cookies

Vepsäläinen processes personal data in the manner permitted and required by the personal data legislation in force at any time. Further information on the processing of personal data can be found in the description of data file of the register based on a customer relationship with Vepsäläinen and on other contexts.

In addition, the online store makes use of cookies, the use of which is described in more detail in Vepsäläinen’s Terms of use of the Online Service.


16. Amendment of the terms

Vepsäläinen reserves the right to amend these Terms at its sole discretion by providing notice of the changes through the www.vepsalainen.com website. Changes to the Terms will take effect once they have been announced. The Customer’s use of the Online Store after the terms have been amended will be considered confirmation that the Customer accepts the changes made to the Terms.


17. Applicable law and dispute settlement

These Terms are governed by Finnish law, with the exception of its choice-of-law provisions.

In the event that disagreements arise between the parties regarding this agreement or its application, the parties must seek to resolve the disputes primarily through consultations. If the parties do not reach an amicable outcome in the negotiations, the dispute will be resolved in the District Court of Espoo in Finland. However, a consumer customer may bring the dispute to the general district court of their domicile or to the Consumer Disputes Board.