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A table for every occasion

Tables and desks are central to both our personal and professional lives, but we rarely consider their importance. Just think about how versatile tables really are.

You bring your family together around the dining table every night, and you might even extend the table to host friends or large groups on special occasions. The coffee table doesn’t just complement your living room furniture but also acts as the recipient of mugs, drinks and plates when you’re lounging by the TV.

A bedside table provides a place for a reading light and other items you want near the bed, the versatile side table is a handy companion in various rooms, and the home office desk is where you get your remote work done.

How to choose a table that fits your needs?

Like many of the other furniture or furnishings in your home, you want to make sure that the table or desk you choose matches the style of your home and does what it needs to do.

For instance, if you have a minimalistic home, you might want to go for a modern, clean-lined table or desk with discreet colours and detailing. On the other hand, if you want your table or desk to be a really eye-catching design element, you might want to choose one with bolder colours, shapes and materials.

Whatever table you choose, it's crucial that it's robust and fits its intended use so it can handle the wear and tear demanded from it.

With durability in mind, you want to think about what materials would be best for the table you choose. A wood table provides a calm, organic atmosphere in the dining room. For a young family, a table with a ceramic top can be a great choice as the surface is especially durable and easy to keep clean.