Cookie policy

1. General

We use cookies and similar technologies in Vepsäläinen's online services for the development of our services, recommending content of interest to users, personalisation of services, as well as targeting marketing and advertising. We want to provide you with a better and more personalised customer experience with the help of cookies. 

Cookies allow for the storage of short textual information in the user's browser. For clarity, the term "cookie" in this statement also refers to other similar storage technologies, such as tracking pixels, tags, and browser local storage (local storage, session storage). 

In addition to Vepsäläinen, its partners also place cookies on the site. Only the server that set the cookie can later read it. 

You can manage your cookie preferences through the site's cookie options, for example, by giving consent, not giving consent, and revoking any consent given.


2. Information Collected Through Cookies

Vepsäläinen and its partners may store information on your device, such as cookies and device identifiers, and use the information for the purposes presented in your cookie choices and these cookie policies. 

Information about the site's use is collected through cookies. This information includes data collected from the device or application used, such as browser version, device type, screen size, screen resolution, operating system, IP address, and information about the use of online services, such as information on page loads, time spent in online services, and duration, navigation within the online services or viewed content. 

We can identify the browser you use through the cookie identifier or another similar identifier and recognize your browser when you return to our site. We can combine information related to the cookie identifier with personally identifiable customer information, for example, when you order a product from our online store or open our newsletter. We also utilise personally identifiable customer information, for example, when creating customized target groups (so-called custom audiences) and lookalike audience groups with selected partners through modelling. In such cooperation, we transfer our customer information encrypted to our partner, such as Facebook, Google, or LinkedIn, which compares the encrypted information to its own data and forms a target group for which we can target advertising on the partner's site or use the information to limit the presentation of advertising to a target group that has already made purchases in Vepsäläinen's online store. We may also combine information collected by cookies with your customer information to send you an email reminder of a product left in the shopping cart. 

For more information on the processing of customer data, please see our customer register's privacy statement.


3. Purposes of Using Cookies

Some cookies are essential for the operation of our site. They enable various functionalities, such as maintaining a shopping cart or chat session and various site-specific settings. These cookies are always in use. 

In addition to essential cookies, we use cookies based on your consent for the following purposes: 

Functionality cookies: These cookies allow us to offer better services and features on our site, such as videos. These cookies have been set by us or third-party service providers whose services we have added to our pages. 

Performance cookies: Performance cookies allow us to gather information, such as site visitor numbers and most popular pages, based on which we can improve the usability and customer experience of our site and develop our services. 

Targeting cookies: Targeting cookies help us collect information that allows us to target Vepsäläinen advertising and content both on our own site and outside of it. You may see ads on third-party sites based on how you have acted on our sites or what has interested you. If you do not accept these cookies, you can still see content and advertising, but it will not be targeted to you.

Partners setting cookies and the purposes of using cookies can be seen in the cookie choices at any given time. More information about partners can also be found from section 6 in the cookie policy documentation.


4. Cookie Lifespan

Vepsäläinen's online services use so-called session cookies and persistent cookies. Session cookies automatically expire when the browser is closed. Persistent cookies remain on the terminal device until they are separately deleted or their validity expires. You can find more information about the validity of cookies from the site's cookie choices. 


5. Options for Influence

You have several options to influence the use of cookies. Below are more detailed descriptions of these options: 

Cookie choices: You can give consent to cookies, not give consent, or revoke any consent given through Vepsäläinen's cookie choices. Choices are browser-specific. You can access cookie choices from the site's footer navigation. 

Blocking or clearing cookies: You can affect the processing of cookies through the cookie settings of the browser or device you use. Cookie settings are browser-specific, so changes do not limit to Vepsäläinen's online services, and desired choices must be made separately for each browser and device. Blocking cookies affects the operation of services, for example, we cannot remember the content of the shopping cart after blocking cookies. If you clear cookies, you will be presented with cookie choices again because we cannot remember your choices.

Cookie choices are shown to you when you visit the site for the first time and, for example, after you have cleared your browser cookies. If Vepsäläinen makes changes, such as introducing a new partner, cookie choices will be shown to you again.


6. Third Parties

In addition to Vepsäläinen's cookies, Vepsäläinen's online services also use cookies from third parties, such as providers of measurement services, advertising technology suppliers, and social media service providers. Some partners process cookie identifiers and related site usage data as data controllers (either as independent data controllers or together with Vepsäläinen as joint data controllers) and thus define the purposes and means of processing personal data. More information can be obtained from each partner's privacy practices, accessible through cookie choices. 

The partners we use and the description of the cookies they set are presented in cookie choices, but we highlight some of the tools we use and the data processing involved below: 


  • Google Analytics: A web analytics service provided by Google Inc., used to analyze our websites' usage and to develop our websites to better serve users. Requires consent to performance cookies. 
  • Google Signals: A feature that is part of Google Analytics, providing enhanced reporting features using data from users logged into their Google accounts. Google reports the data anonymously and in aggregate. Personal data, such as names or email addresses, are not disclosed or used in reporting. Requires logging into a Google account and consent to targeting cookies. 
  • Enhanced Conversions: Customer data obtained in contexts such as order forms, like email addresses, are converted into encrypted identifiers and used for measuring conversions and improving advertising effectiveness. Requires consent to targeting cookies. 
  • Consent Mode: A consent state that can modify how Google tags operate based on users' consent. Google can also use it for modelling missing conversions. The functionality can indicate whether consent has been granted for Google Analytics and Google Ads cookies, after which Google tags dynamically adjust and use cookies only for purposes to which the user has consented. The collected data may include functional information such as a timestamp, user agent, and referring page, and non-identifiable information such as information about whether the current page or a page previously opened by the user on the site contained information about an ad click, consent status, a random number generated at each page load, and information about the consent platform used by the site owner (e.g., developer ID). If the user does not give consent for the collection of certain types of data (such as for targeted advertising), Consent Mode enables Google services to operate in a "limited" mode. In this mode, only the most essential data is collected, such as basic website usage information. If the user refuses consent, Consent Mode ensures that the collected data is anonymized and minimized, and the information is not used for individual profiling or targeted advertising. 
  • Google Floodlight: A tracking code used to measure how users respond to certain advertising campaigns or visit certain websites. Floodlight tags collect information about website visitors and their actions, such as time spent on the site, browsing history, and conversions. This information helps understand user behavior and the effectiveness of advertising campaigns. Personally identifiable information, such as names or email addresses, is not directly linked to the collected data. Requires consent to targeting cookies. 
  • Google Recommendation AI: An AI-based service that allows offering customised product recommendations to customers. It uses machine learning to understand customers' preferences and behaviour so that it can present them with the most relevant products or content. Recommendation AI uses customer activity data, such as their previous purchases, browsing history, and interactions on the website. Information is collected through a cookie on the site. The data is anonymised and encrypted so that individual users cannot be directly identified based on the collected information. The functionality requires consent to functionality cookies. 


  • LinkedIn Insight Tag enables the collection and analysis of site visitor data by LinkedIn to improve the targeting and tracking of advertising campaigns. When a user visits a site equipped with the Insight Tag, the tag collects information such as the user's LinkedIn information (if they are logged into LinkedIn), visit duration, the website from which the user came, and used device information. This data helps understand user behaviour on the site. Individual users cannot be directly identified based on the collected information. The data is presented in aggregated reports, not individual data. Requires consent to targeting cookies. 


  • We use Facebook's data-driven opportunities to market products and services. The Facebook pixel set on Vepsäläinen's site collects information about website visitors so that Vepsäläinen can retarget these visitors with future Facebook ads. In addition to the pixel, we use a conversion API tool that allows us to share online and offline events, i.e., our customers' actions, directly from our server to Facebook's server. Server events can be combined with Facebook's pixel and help improve the effectiveness and analysis of Facebook advertising campaigns. Requires consent to targeting cookies.

Hotjar: We can use Hotjar's tool to better understand how our services are used. The tool allows us to build heatmaps showing which page elements users click, how they move around the pages, and how far they typically progress on the pages. Requires consent to performance cookies. 

As described in section 2, for example, we collaborate with Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn to create target groups based on our encrypted customer data to target our advertising. If you wish, you can contact us, but for targeting through Google’s “Ads Customer Match,” Facebook’s “Customer List Custom Audiences,” and LinkedIn’s “Matched Audiences” services, you can primarily influence these in the respective partner's advertising choices: 





7. Changes to Cookie Policies

We reserve the right to update the cookie policies, for example, due to the development of services or mandatory legislation. Changes and updates to cookie policies will be communicated in our services. We recommend regularly reviewing the content of the cookie policies. 

These cookie policies were last updated on 10.4.2024.