We always want to provide our customers with expert and professional service. Our products and services must be flawless, and deliveries must take place at the agreed time.

However, if the quality of the product or our service does not meet your expectations, please let us know immediately.


Making a Complaint

Once you have received the delivery, check immediately that the products are intact and flawless in all respects. Also make sure that the delivery includes all the products you ordered.

It is a good idea to inspect the delivery in the presence of the transport company employee. If the product was damaged in transport, ask the representative of the transport company to file a damage report, that is, describe the damage on the consignment note and sign for it. Please also contact Vepsäläinen using the form provided on this page.

If you find other faults in the delivery or product, notify us immediately and no later than in 30 days using the form on this page, or by email to [email protected]
If the product is damaged, take photos of both the product and its packaging. Send the photographs and additional information as soon as possible using the form on this page. Do not dispose of the delivery package until your complaint has been processed.

If the fault in the delivery or product is confirmed, Vepsäläinen has the right to rectify the fault within a reasonable time or replace the product with a flawless one if possible. Vepsäläinen is liable for faults in its products either exclusively or jointly with the manufacturer or importer, as specified in consumer protection legislation.

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