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What are home textiles?

Home textiles refer to a category of products that use fabrics or woven cloths to furnish the home. These include cushions, throws, tablecloths, bedding, canvas bags, dressing gowns, towels and more.

The purpose of home textiles in interior design

Home textiles are incredibly useful for decoration for anyone looking to make their home cosier. Cushions, throws and bedding bring atmosphere and add intriguing accents and details to your decor. You can use them to create coherent splashes of specific colours or patterns throughout your home. Home textiles truly add the finishing touch to your decor and tie it together. They make a house a home.

Home textiles are practical too

Beyond looking beautiful and playing an important role in interior design, home textiles have a practical purpose too. For example, a tablecloth can really dress a table and make it look festive for a special occasion, but it also protects the table from staining.

Cushion covers, duvets, pillowcases and bedding also have a key role in protecting pillows and mattresses. And the best part is that you can easily remove these covers and machine wash them when needed.

Home textiles can be very useful for homes with kids or pets. You can use blankets, throws or bedspreads to cover valuable sofas or beds to protect them from staining and damage.